furniture and interior design

We offer complete solutions in cooperation with renowned Estonian interior designers.


a manufacturer of high-quality furniture and furnishings.

OÜ ARS Sisustus is a privately owned furniture manufacturing company. It is an Estonian company that, in addition to unique project-based furniture, also manufactures interior doors, staircases, railings, flooring, window sills and other interior elements. Our aim is to provide complete solutions.

The company’s products are aimed at the customer who appreciates an individual solution. Customers include both large companies and private individuals. Advance sales advice and negotiations with interior designers are essential when dealing with clients. Experienced project managers ensure customer-friendly and competent service. Interior elements are made to customer specifications, and all products take into account the customer’s options and needs. By approaching each client personally, we are always able to offer the best individual solution.

Our services

ARS Sisustus OÜ manufactures bespoke furniture and design furnishings for both private and corporate clients.

Home decoration

Living room and bedroom furniture
Kitchen and dining room furniture
Bathroom furniture
Wardrobe solutions
Home office / library
Interior doors, staircases, wall panels

Restaurant decoration

Restaurant furniture
Furniture for cafés
Bar furniture

Office decoration

Bureau furniture
Office furniture
Office furniture
Meeting room furniture

Furnishing of sales offices

Shop furniture
Furniture for boutiques
Furniture for sales agencies
Casino furniture
Bank furniture
Beauty salon furniture

Industrial interior

Cruise ship furniture (cabins, restaurants, libraries, internet cafes)

Furniture for museums and theaters



ARS Sisustus has a wide range of technological possibilities due to its quality-oriented flexible production.



We offer complete solutions in cooperation with renowned Estonian interior designers such as Leila Pärtelpoeg, Maile Grünberg, Pille Lausmäe, Katrin and Argo Vaikla and others.